" Model, Manager, Mogel " 
The idea for L B L evolved while sitting in northern Costa Rica. Then the business plan took formation in downtown Cedar Falls in 2009. 
Baby brief on Lisa, she lived in high fashion in the '90s, working as a model in Milan, Paris, London & Berlin. Then, as a sales assistant in a high-end western store in Breckenridge, Colorado, in the early 2000s, then to the merchandise mart in Chicago, Illinois, in the late 2000s as a Sales Rep. assistant to take root back home with managing Saxony Stores and create L B L.
Lisa's father, WHBR, always joked when she would disagree with her mother on the business strategies for Saxony; she opened her own and saw if she could do it better; after the passing of her beloved Papa WHBR in 2009, Lisa did it!  Proved to herself and a tribute to her father. 
Mary Lou Richter, her mother, created Saxony Stores, which has been servicing Northeast Iowa for 48yrs. Mary Lou, the matriarch of the Saxony Stores, has retired from Saxony Stores to enjoy her prairie, but her go-get-it attitude lives on through Lisa. 
Our vision is an authentic fashion experience with personal stylist touch when you shop at L B L and Saxony Stores
Best known for our fantastic customer service, prices, and attention to detail,
L B L and @SaxonyStores continue to excel by traveling the leading fashion markets and keeping a pulse on the fashion industry.
 "This is my livelihood, not hobby or side project; I live woman's fashion retail.
Retail fashion is my big girl job."
☯ - Lisa
 Lisa Milan 96'
* Disclaimer: Famous or Infamous, James Frey @blueislandtribe originated the term L B L. He suggested I should write a book about my life, and it should be Life by Lisa, L B L. 
  Saxony Stores' name originates from Germany. 
WHBR Lisa's father was born and raised in Dresden, Germany. 
Germany is divided into states like ours. Her father is from Saxony, a state in Germany, and the capital city is Dresden.